Vin Bruno, AllTech Pro

60 Second Interview: Vin Bruno, AllTech Pro. 

Vin Bruno is one of the most experienced executives working within the automation and AV sector and so here at the Smart Building Awards, we are delighted and privileged to have him as part of our esteemed panel. 

Vin is not only passionate about the renegotiation that should be accounted to the profession, but also about the SBA’s awards themselves. 

You can read more on what he has to say here…

Q: What kind of prestige, influence and professional recognition do you think comes with winning an award?

A: Awards produce effort and this effort is what gives organizations achievements for which to strive.  Awards and recognitions have benefits not just limited to prestige.   There are economic benefits that come from winning prestigious awards.  Your business will realize value in new opportunities generated from the notoriety and credibility earned from winning an industry award.  Psychologically, awards generate confidence and when a business is confident it takes more risks with a project with a greater scope of work.  Reaching the pinnacle of your field pushes you to greater pursuits.  Awards drive fascinating journeys and top performers do really innovative work.

Q: What tips would you give to entrants to give themselves a great chance of being shortlisted?


  • High resolution photography that is well organized allows us to evaluate your entry from the perspective of both engineering and aesthetics.  Good photography also helps garner terrific PR opportunities for your company. 
  • Engineering drawings, calculations and system specifications demonstrate the technical excellence of the project.
  • Provide a concise system description detailing what makes the project unique, communicate how the project met the specific needs of your client, highlight innovations, and let us know how you overcame challenges. 

Q: Which categories do you think are particularly important this year and why?

A: Every single category is equally important.  Our industry has so many technological innovations and technology innovators.  Technology has become ubiquitous and our industry designs systems and then integrates each component to deliver efficient environments that deliver exceptional experiences to users.

Q: Do you think the profession always gets the recognition it deserves?

A: No, not yet.  Consumers don’t yet know where to easily find the people to professionally design, install, upgrade, repair, monitor and manage their technology.   Our industry needs to educate grade school children that they can pursue the profession of Technology Integration.  For this to happen, our industry associations need to push technology curriculum to high schools, vocational schools, technical schools, junior colleges, community colleges and universities around the world.  Our industry requires technology integration curriculum and education in order to develop the workforce where people will enjoy prosperous careers as Technology Integrators and that will create the consumer awareness that our industry requires.