Stuart Burgess, Just Add Popcorn Ltd

60 Second Interview: Stuart Burgess, Just Add Popcorn Ltd.

We asked Stuart, Managing Director of Just Add Popcorn Ltd and a new face to the judging panel for 2018 for the Smart Building Awards (SBA), to share some of his thoughts on how the industry is recognised through the awards scheme, as well as providing some useful hints and tips on how to write a potential award-winning entry.

Here’s what he had to say…


Q: What kind of prestige, influence and professional recognition do you think comes with winning an award?

A: I think it comes two main ways.  Firstly, personal gratification, we work hard every day to achieve things we are proud of and winning an award for your hard work give you an amazing feeling.  Then there she client view, clients will always lean towards companies or individuals that have great feedback and have been recognised by their peers. 

Q: What tips would you give to entrants to give themselves a great chance of being shortlisted?

A: Take time to compile the correct paperwork that showcases not only your finished project or product, but also your thinking behind the work.  Take great photos. A picture is work a thousand words, most modern smart phones take high res images, just think about the staging of the picture to best communicate the story. 

Q: Which categories do you think are particularly important this year and why?

A: I think the awards showcase a great range of awards for both the manufactures and Home Tech Professionals. I think the Manufacture and Distributor of the Year awards are special as it awards all the people who have work hard within those companies to design, make and supply some awesome kit.  For the individuals, it’s got to be Sales Person of the year.  This showcases people who go out there way, outside of their job to showcase excellence.  These people should be rewards, cherished and nurtured as without them not only do companies suffer, but clients would not get the great service they deserve. 

Q: Do you think the profession always gets the recognition it deserves?

A: I think our profession on most levels is misunderstood.  Some people see our services as luxury items, things that are good to have but not a necessity, like a new car or a swimming pool.  They don’t see the fundamental necessity that our services can bring to them when embarking on projects like building a new home.  This is why I Co Created the Home Tech Gallery, to try and communicate to end user a universal voice regardless of the value of the work.