Penn Elcom

Penn Elcom: Stand(s) # 45 & 46

The UK’s most prolific and innovative designers, manufacturers and suppliers of 19” racks and accessories launch a new range of designer racks including an all new Rear Hinged Frame for house builders and systems integrators as well as brand new British-built freestanding and wall racks.

All visitors are welcome at PENN ELCOM


Fun Facts about Penn Elcom

  1. On the last day before the company breaks up for Christmas, everyone has to wear Christmas jumpers. If you do, you’re rewarded with a mince pie. The uglier and more garish, the better!
  2. We have offices all over the world, and offer employees the chance to travel to other countries. As well as seeing how the other office run, we’re also given time to explore the new country and culture. We also make sure to bring back present for the office upon our return!
  3. We have an internal company newsletter that goes out three times a year, which keeps everyone up to date with goings on around the world. This includes company information, such as cool projects we’ve worked on, but also employee weddings, milestones and featured employee sections!
  4. We are passionate about what we do, and all work hard for our customers. But, we do make sure to fun once in a while..!    (PS – Our founder and chairman, Roger Willems, is the gentleman running around in the pink shirt!)
  5. We love our food! At our Hastings offices, Curry Friday’s are a weekly staple!
  6. We often have trips out together outside of work. At our Washington facility, there is an annual pantomime trip, as well as various charity dress-up days!
  7. We have employees from many different countries working for us, which means among other languages we have Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, French, German and Spanish! Employees are always happy to teach others some words from their native language!
  8. Our Hastings facility overlooks a valley, and in the afternoon we get to see some truly amazing sunsets!