Jason Knott, EH Publishing

60 Second Interview: Jason Knott, EH Publishing.

Vice President of Consumer Electronics & Security at EH Publishing, Jason Knott, gives us a few words of wisdom along with a plethora of guidance for those in the industry looking to enter the 2018 Smart Building Awards (SBA’s)


Here are Jason’s tips and advice to anyone looking to take part and enter these prestigious and long-standing awards: 


As a judge, the key areas of focus I will be looking for are:

  1. Technological Innovation – What is new from this product that makes it stand out in the market?
  2. Benefits to the End User — How does this product solve a need for an individual homeowner or business owner?
  3. Benefits to the Integrator — Does this product help an integrator open up a new potential market for installation? Does the product allow technicians to install it more efficiently than other products? Does the product bring a solid level of profitability to the integrator?

If the entries can answer those questions succinctly in their submission, they will definitely be on the radar of the judges.

Entering awards such as the Smart Building Awards are extremely beneficial for companies to enable their new products to stand out from the competition. Especially for a new product that has an initial promotion plan, getting the broad media exposure of entering (let alone winning) an awards program is highly beneficial.

The custom installation profession certainly does not get the recognition it deserves. This industry is made up a highly skilled, technically savvy individual who brings a high-level of customer service to their clientele. Working with a customer to satisfy his or her entertainment needs is an art form that few have perfected. Essential Install integration companies are “diamonds in the rough” compared to other trades.