Future Automation

Future Automation: Stand # 26

Future Automation has manufactured exceptional television lifts and mounts, home automation solutions and DIN rail enclosure for the Residential, Marine, Commercial, Hospitality and Outdoor applications since 1998.

A customer first business that prides itself on its creativity, passion and excellence, Future Automation’s primary focus is supplying technology integrators with solutions to move and conceal televisions, projectors, appliances and other similar equipment for functional and aesthetic purposes.


10 Fun Facts about Future Automation! 

1. In a single year Future Automation install over 24500m of cabling into their Lutron, Control4 and Loxone DIN Rail Enclosures. That’s enough cabling to reach the bottom of the Marianas Trench… Twice!

2. Future Automation have used over 5000kg of powder coating on our products this year alone, which is the weight of two Rhinoceros’ and is enough to paint over 23 Airbus 747-400 Airplanes.

3. All Future Automation products are lovingly hand built in the UK by a production team of over 80 locally employed engineers and technicians.

4. In 2017 Future Automation punched and lasered over 176 tonnes of Mild Steel, which is the weight of over 330 Grizzly bears.

5. The Future Automation production team burn roughly 25,000,000 calories a year assembling products and a handful of them will be taking part in Tough Mudder in 2018 to help burn a few more!

6. If you laid the hinge pins from the doors of every DIN Rail Enclosure Future Automation manufactured this year end to end, they would be over twice the height of the Shard. 

7. Rumour has it that Future Automation commercial director Ollie French used to be a member of early 90’s pop group ‘NW1’ but has since enjoyed the less public life that the Custom AV Install industry has to offer! 

8. All Future Automation offices are ‘Dog Friendly’, meaning there is usually a 4-legged friend somewhere in close proximity! 

9. Future Automation mechanisms are present in the homes of many celebrities and its rumoured that the Queen views her morning briefing on a TV lifted by a Future Automation lift! 

10. Future Automation’s main office recently switched from using a kettle to using a 20L urn to increase tea and coffee making capacity, but it’s still well below the desired level!

“We believe that people are the key to innovation and success, so we are always excited to have an opportunity to meet face to face with both new and existing customers to showcase and receive valuable feedback about our products.”

 “The EI Live Exhibitions grant us the opportunity to make indispensable connections with valued clients that helps us innovate and succeed as a company year after year.”