Daniel Sait, All Things Media Ltd

60 Second Interview: Daniel Sait, All Things Media Ltd.

We asked Daniel, one of the judges for the Smart Building Awards (SBA), to share some of his thoughts on the awards and asked him to comment on 3 key areas of the scheme. Here’s what he had to say…

Q: What kind of prestige, influence and professional recognition do you think comes with winning an award?

A: Having this type of recognition can lift your company above the crowd and give potential customers a point of difference. If you want to use an award win to help market your business, make sure people are aware, it was not easy to win, the Smart Building Awards are decided by an independent panel of people who really know what they are looking at. Do the obvious stiff too, get the logo on your website, clothing, vehicle.

Q: Which categories do you think are particularly important this year and why?

A: I always enjoy the installer categories the most, the stories, the challenges, the solutions, it’s what our business is all about. I look forward to seeing what innovations the teams come up with. Looking past that, I do love a home cinema, and the category has thrown up some killer products in recent times, so anything from that world I will particularly be on the lookout for.

Q: Do you think the profession always gets the recognition it deserves?

A: I have lost count of the many stories customers have come out with where their install company has gone way above the call of duty, so those customers that experience what a good install team can achieve definitely appreciate and recognise the skill that goes into it. In the wider world I think it’s possible to argue that other trades have perhaps not always recognised the skill and importance of the technology integrator, this is changing however, as customers are increasingly insisting that the tech is a major priority for their home