Anna Gamble, Customised UK

60 Second Interview: Anna Gamble, Customised UK.

The team at the SBA’s spoke with Managing Director Anna Gamble to gain a perspective on how the independent install market view the scheme. 

Another fresh face for the panel this year, we asked Anna why she felt the SBA’s were so important and what tips she would offer to people making a submission. 

Here are her thoughts….

Q: What kind of prestige, influence and professional recognition do you think comes with winning an award?

A: With the speed at which new products appear in the ever-changing tech industry, an award gives a new product provenance and credibility.  It gives installers the confidence to try a new product and it is a selling point and confidence giver for the homeowner.  Make sure you make the most of your shortlisting or if you are lucky, your award; shout about it, no one else will!

Q: What tips would you give to entrants to give themselves a great chance of being shortlisted?

A: Installers need to think about the homeowner who ultimately uses the product or system day in day out.  Manufacturers need to think about their customer, the installer.  Do you provide all the tools and info the installer needs for a straightforward install?  Do you provide innovative marketing materials to support the installer in selling your product to the homeowner? A product that is easy to sell will sell more!

Q: Which categories do you think are particularly important this year and why?

A: I am looking forward to the Project categories, to see how installers have meet the client brief and introduced new features like Voice Assistants.  With people key to the profession, I’ll be looking out for examples of companies providing excellent marketing and training support and innovation.

Q: Do you think the profession always gets the recognition it deserves?

A: The profession is still smoke and mirrors to the majority.  Homeowners have their plumber, heating engineer and alarm company on speed dial, but why not their Home Tech Pro?  We need to start shouting about the benefits a Home Tech Pro can bring to homes and lifestyles, not just focus on what the tech does.  People buy from people, it’s about the installers and their skill, not just what the box does.